Dancing with Bees Free epub Download

Dancing with Bees Free epub Download 9781645020257

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Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Genres: Memoirs Books, Natural History Books, Coming Soon
Pages: 308 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1645020258
ISBN13: 9781645020257
Tags: Memoirs Books, Natural History Books, Free Books Download, epub Books Download
Language: en

"Brigit Strawbridge Howard leads us on a wistful pilgrimage of awakening into the world of bees who are among the most fascinating, charismatic, and important of insects. Written in an easy, accessible style without shying away from solid facts and beguiling detail, and beautifully illustrated by renowned Devon naturalist John Walters, Strawbridge Howard's book is the result of hundreds of hours of watching, listening, and learning in her garden and the wider countryside, wondering what the future might bring and how human excesses may be curbed."-Stuart Roberts, entomologist "Well written and researched, beautifully illustrated, and packed with natural history detail, Dancing with Bees is a book to start you off on a journey that could well become an obsession. Even if you are well versed in the ways of bees, you will still want to wrap yourself in the warmth of this charming book. Brigit Strawbridge Howard gently shows you all the things you may have been missing; you are about to enter a macro-world of wonder and delight. I absolutely loved this book. If, due to infirmity perhaps, I am ever unable to walk in the countryside, I can now go dancing with bees whenever I choose."-Dr. George McGavin, president, Dorset Wildlife Trust; honorary research associate, Oxford University Museum of Natural History "Dancing with Bees is a brilliantly described journey of discovery of bees, trees, people, and places, imbued with a childlike wonderment. Learn about cuckoo bees, carder bees, bees that are not bees, the commonplace and the rare. It is never too late to reconnect with nature and rewild oneself."-Steven Falk, author of Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland "We are handed a lens-light, bright, beautiful things come into focus. Brigit's flare for observation and description, passion for knowledge, and ease with communication involve us in adventuring through the looking glass to explore with her the intimate life of wild bees. Gently, this timely book reminds us that nature is in trouble and that we must all join the dance."-Sue Clifford and Angela King, founding directors, Common Ground "Dancing with Bees is an antidote to the reality of modern life that's spent nose down in our smartphones while the wondrous stuff-nature-goes on all around us. Brigit Strawbridge Howard chronicles her own journey of reconnecting with the natural world with heartfelt eloquence. Her descriptions of the creatures, plants, and landscapes that populate her journey are made with the unabashed joy of someone for whom a veil has been lifted, revealing a world to be cherished but also in great need of our protection."-Matthew Wilson, garden designer; author; panelist, BBC Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time "Brigit Strawbridge Howard is an excellent pollinator of information. Dancing with Bees is a book teeming with love: for bees but also for the natural world as a whole and, by extension, for life itself. Everyone who cares about the future of our planet should read it."-Tom Cox, author of 21st-Century Yokel "Sprinkled with moments of pathos, this exquisite book is the perfect introduction to the often neglected world of wild bees-and the beautiful plants with which they dance an ecosystem into life."-Hugh Warwick, author of Linescapes and Hedgehog "A joy-filled voyage of discovery through the wonderful world of bees."-Dave Goulson, author of Bee Quest and A Sting in the Tale.


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