Ina May's Guide to Childbirth Free epub Download

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth Free epub Download 9780091924157

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Publisher: Vermilion
Genres: Advice On Parenting, Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Care
Pages: 338 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0091924154
ISBN13: 9780091924157
Tags: Advice On Parenting Books, Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Care, Free Books Download, epub Books Download
Language: en
Physical Form: Book
Type: Digital
"Ina May Gaskin, America's leading midwife, shares her exceptional birthing wisdom in this intuitive guide to childbirth. By sharing a wealth of knowledge generated by three decades of experience she explains why the natural birthing process, when left to its own devices, can proceed so beautifully on its own. In this invaluable book Ina May teaches you: what really happens during labour; how to create a safe, comfortable environment for birth in any setting; tips for maximising your chances of an unmedicated labour and birth; the risks of anaesthesia and caesareans; and, what your doctor doesn't necessarily tell you."--Publisher description.


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